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muttnmissy.jpg (37602 bytes)Welcome to our Doghouse. My wonderful wife and I have been together since 1978 and in that time she has continually spoiled me rotten, yet it's okay cause I really don't mind too much. So with that in mind I'd like to dedicate this page to her because she means so much to me. In here you'll find the many things that are important to us. There's family & friends, photos & stories, laughter & tears, places we've been & places we want to go. There's tales of heartache and triumph and links to special places. You'll find out who we are and the things we love to do. Here we'll tell you of the things closest to our hearts and why they will always remain such a strong passion in our lives. I'll tell you of our special dream to help as many children as possible to grow to love the outdoors the way we have. They are our future, they are what we must work for to give them the morals and sense of value to face the road ahead. So once again welcome to our doghouse. Come on in and set a spell, I hope you enjoy your stay.


Pictures of the Amy Pray Memorial

3-D Tournament


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